OnePiece Painting Gallery located on charming Joo Chiat Road showcases the biggest collection of affordable contemporary oil & acrylic paintings.


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Welcome to Onepiece Painting 

At Onepiece Painting Gallery, you will find beautiful original art pieces to complement your interior decor at affordable prices ! Our in-store collection, of more than 200 pieces of oil and acrylic on canvas paintings, offers a wide variety of traditional, contemporary & abstract artwork ... suitable for private homes, offices, restaurants, shops and practically any wall that makes space for art to speak !  

Discover Affordable Art Onepiece Painting Gallery Today !

(our website is not promptly updated as we wish, we invite you to drop by our gallery to check out our latest collection !)


Just don’t know what to do with that empty space ?  

  • The colors are all in the carpet below our white sofa & white wall, we need some colors on the wall !
  • You can see the stains and cracks of the bad paintwork ! How to hide ?
  • Besides more photo frames, what can I do to add color to that space ?
  • This is my private reading room, I imagine 4 walls of shelves filled with books like a library ! Possible ?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a beautiful painting after a long meeting ?
  • Are there paintings suitable for outdoor space ?
  • We need something colorful to cheer us up in this room !
  • Our son is now a teenager, it’s time to replace the cartoon poster !
  • I don’t want the same poster my neighbor has, I like a real original art piece !
  • We just moved into our new apartment,really don’t know what to do with these empty walls? 

We invite you to drop by our Gallery for a coffee chat. Bring along a picture of that “empty wall” to Onepiece Painting Gallery and let’s experiment with art pieces selection to bring new color, light, meaning and life to that same space !  

Email today for free art consultation appointment !


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 Many more ... check out our special marked down art pieces ! 


Custom Wall Mural

Good news! At OnePiece Painting, we offer custom wall murals to decorate your indoor and outdoor spaces. Imagine & design something unique to express a theme, concept, tone, mood ... for your living room to add character or for the chic ice cream parlour or for the modern dance school. If you can dream it .. we can paint it !

Email your design and ideas to us today !

Custom Portrait Painting

Turn your precious moments into an artpiece now. Make a unique gift for that special someone or occasion. 

Email your photo for a non-obligatory quote today !


Commissioned Art & Painting

We work with interior designers and art lovers to commission custom art paintings for special themes or projects that insist on certain subject, style or size. Our artists can make all that possible !

Email your inquiry to us today !




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